Mid-Term Progress Report

After my first 6 weeks of homeschooling both Jackson (7th - Autism) and Caroline (5th - Gifted), I can honestly say that it was the best decision we have ever made for our family.  And while I clearly have no time to blog about it, there has been no shortage of monumental breakthroughs and good old-fashioned fun in our house...both of which we rarely experienced while they were in public schools.

As you scroll through the some of the photos I took on my phone, you get a great visual picture of the beginning our of school year - and by the looks of it, you might be concerned that we are having too much fun with too little learning!

All of these were taken during our "school day" which goes from 8:30-3:00ish.  We go on a lot of outings and spend a lot of our time outside doing experiments, reading, hiking, and wrestling apparently:)  When we are working inside, we have a mixed bag of learning styles, Jackson likes to be at the table with minimal sensory distractions, while Caroline prefers to snuggle up on the couch or sprawl out on the front lawn - to each their own as far as I'm concerned!  

I've been focusing on math with them both these past few weeks b/c they are both very strong in math, but have gaps in their knowledge.  I feel a bit like a painter who has to spackle before I can add a new layer of color.  As we enter late October, I finally feel like they are both ready to plow forward into new math concepts and challenges.  For Caroline, that is Algebra, and for Jackson, that is word problems.  Wish me luck with both of them:)

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  1. My 12 year old daughter has had a very challenging transition into middle school. We have been debating homeschooling her. We have already started introducing her to her new curriculum.

    She is at a stage where she like to see what other autistic kids are doing and she loved the yoga pictures. We also do yoga to start the school day.

    Your blog has been a great encouragement to me. -Marie


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