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Quiet Voice Victory!

It has taken us 10 years to figure out how to help Jackson manage his volume and tone of voice.  We were just joking the other day that an autism diagnosis is not an accurate representation of him (for many reasons I'll go into on a later date), so we made up a more humorous, but fitting term: LASS...Loud, Angry, Silly Syndrome.  But in all seriousness, this spring, we have made a few breakthroughs in regards to helping him understand how and when to use a quiet and calm voice.  Sadly, it is a fairly simple formula that has proven extremely challenging, on our part, to implement. But, as they say, knowing is half the battle, so now that we know, we can continue the battle! The 3 key parts to this formula are: 1.  Creating an anxiety free environment 2.  Leveraging his newly developed interest in a social life 3.  Consistency!!!!! Step 1 is by far the most important part of this grand plan, and the reason he was so unsuccessful in a public middle-school environment - which