Wordless Wednesday


  1. This picture is amazing to me for two reasons. 1) That you got a picture of your son. My son has AS and he HATES the camera. I can only get a picture of him if it's his idea or he doesn't know. 2) You're giving him a kiss! I tackle my son and hold him down and then I can only kiss his cheekbone, kind of like what you're doing. :) We make it a big game and we laugh and wrestle, but seriously, it doesn't happen! Thanks for sharing your picture.

    1. This was taken the night of my father-in-laws memorial service and I had spent an emotionally exhausting week trying to help him understand death, heaven and eternal life...and at the end of the day all he wanted to do was love on me and I felt like maybe he finally understood that life and family is precious and to cherish each moment:)

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