Mom's Daily Homeschool Schedule!

A lot of people having been asking me lately how I manage to get everything done now that I am homeschooling Jackson.  I think those closest to me worry that I have taken on too much and it will negatively impact me on a variety of levels.

Prior to pulling him out of public school around Halloween, I was substitute teaching on a regular basis and/or part-time teaching reading, but did have plenty of free days as well.  Now that I have J home everyday, I have rearranged a few things, but have found a nice rhythm that seems to meet all our needs, without adding unnecessary stress. So please don't worry about me - I have the best life and find plenty of time to take care of myself:)

I thought I'd write up schedule for a typical day for me and give you a behind the scenes look at how I keep it all running relatively smoothly and keep my sanity as well.  I found this blog entitled "What Kind of Mom are You?" and it is awesome! I am definitely a "Rountine Lover" which puts me at a personality type of A-, which is a perfect description of how I run both my personal life and our homeschool day!

7:30-8:00  Drink 2 cups of coffee, let the dog out, eat some yogurt, check email, news, Facebook, Twitter, etc...

8:00-8:30  Get Caroline up (not an easy task), make her breakfast and pack her lunch, make Jackson breakfast

8:30-8:45  Drive C to school (usually in my PJs and slippers)

8:45-9  Help J shower.  While he gets himself dressed, I get my yoga clothes on

9-9:30  J and I do yoga together, then read a Bible devotional book and do some out loud reading (we are currently reading a poem book).

9:30-9:45  Quickly change out of my yoga clothes and try to look presentable for the day

9:45-11  Shopping w/ shopping, cleaners, library, Target, CVS, Starbucks, car wash, etc...This gets easier everyday as he has more understanding of social expectations for behavior.  We usually have a great time just tooling around town! Once we get home, I have until 11 to unpack and organize anything we bought because at 11 on the dot...

11-11:30  We do a Math lesson & work

11:30-12   I make J's lunch which lately has been corn pasta and fruit and my lunch which is usually leftovers

12-12:30  While J is on the iPad, I prep his lessons for the afternoon and try to clean up from the whirlwind morning

12:30-1  J and I walk Duke, go for a short hike around the lake or play Wii Fit together

1-1:30  We do a Language Arts lesson & work

1:30-2  I teach J how to do daily chores which have included: filling and emptying the dishwasher, cleaning his room, vacuuming, sweeping, or picking up junk left strewn around the house.

2-2:30  We do a Social Studies or Science lesson & work

2:30-3  While J does an iPad reading lesson on the couch, I clean up the books, supplies and work from the school day and prep the lessons for the next morning

3-4  School day over!!  At this point I have 1 hour until C gets home, so I try to do NOTHING and just relax alone somewhere in the house.  I read a book, check the computer, watch TV, take a shower, workout, talk on the phone...whatever I want essentially:)

4-4:15  Pickup C from school

4:15-5  Hang out w/ C & help her w/ her homework

5-5:30  Paul gets home from work and we all get ready for whatever basketball event is going on that night: practice, games, Georgetown games, games on TV, etc...

5:30-6  Make snack or early dinner for Paul, C and I before they head out for basketball, make J dinner (special dietary needs)

6-7:30  Putter around house cleaning up, putting laundry away, doing dishes, etc...Occasionally workout if feeling motivated

7:30-8  Prep lessons for following day, answer emails, blog, tweet, etc... Paul and C usually come home during this time and heat up dinner leftovers if hungry

8  BEDTIME!!!  Paul handles these duties: vitamins, teeth, pray, and read while I finish cleaning up and then open a bottle of wine!

8-10:30  2 1/2 hours of blissfully uninterrupted time on the couch w/ Paul and no kids!  C comes downstairs occasionally to tell us something she deems urgent, but otherwise we just sit and talk, laugh, drink wine and relax from the day!

10:30-11ish  Bedtime...We can rarely stay up past 11 these days...but I sleep like a baby until...

7:30  Paul kisses me on the forehead when he leaves for work, and I roll out of bed to start the whole process over again...

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  1. Now that I know your schedule, you can plan on me stalking you with a phone call to catch up! :) :)


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