Why I Want to be Homeschooled by Caroline Trotter

Caroline was home sick last Friday.  Ever since she has been begging me to homeschool her.  As a way to defer these irritating pleas, I told her to write me an essay detailing why she wanted to be homeschooled. I told her it was due by the end of the week and that we were not to speak about it again until then. She gave it to Paul and I last night.  I asked her if I could share it with you all because I think it offers an honest look at a traditional school environment from a 4th graders perspective.  It does not compel me to homeschool her at this point, but it does give me insight into the type of education she craves and makes me ask myself if I could provide that for her someday.

I think I should be homeschooled for many reasons, but I'm going to limit it to only four.

If you homeschool me, I wouldn't be late to school everyday.  We wouldn't need to rush to school, giving me three pieces of cereal for breakfast.  I could actually take my time, eat a healthy breakfast and be ready to start learning.

Another reason you should homeschool me is because I would get more work done.  In public schools, the teacher needs to wait on her or his other students if they don't understand something.  Since it would only be me (doing the work I am doing), we could spend only a few days or weeks on a topic and I could keep moving forward in school.  

A good thing about homeschooling is you don't need to deal with drama.  Drama as in, "she said I was stupid!" or even worse, "did you know he likes you?"  It is so annoying, to the point where people start crying.  I've heard so many problems from other people that it seems like they're more focused on their problems than school work.  It's really irritating and can hurt other people's feelings.

Finally, my last reason is I would be more free.  Every 10 year old kid can't stand being trapped in a room except for specials, recess and lunch.  It is boring and makes you want to just hate school just because the environment you're in.  I personally don't like being yelled at either.  It makes me feel stupid.  I also don't like sitting at hard, old, wooden desks that have been used for years.  They're uncomfortable and can be distracting.  At least at home I would be comfortable and happy in my bed or anywhere in the house.

I think it would be cool to be homeschooled and see Jackson all the time.  There are plenty more advantages at home than at school.  For example, I could do Bible study or do 6th grade math.  Think about it...it could be a cool experience!  

All she is really saying is that she wants to be able to work hard and play hard in a respectful and harmonious environment.  She observed that last Friday with Jackson and I, but obviously does not feel that way during her school day.  So will I homeschool her next year?  I doubt it...but I will remain open to the Lord's will and pray for her education everyday in the meantime.

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